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March 1, 2018

Author(s): Zhang, Linmin Title: External same and internal same: A unified account motivated by attitude reports Keywords: identity relation, same, be, attitude reports, de re, de dicto, Freges Puzzle Date submitted: 2016 02 14 Item: DhhMTE1M File: Zhang_2016_SuB20.pdf File: Zhang_2016_Same_SuB_0317.pdf File: Zhang_2016_Same_SuB_0416.pdf File: info.txt
Author(s): Zhang, Linmin and Jia Ling Title: Little: Not a dichotomy-based operator of negation, but a trivalence-based operator of polar opposition Keywords: semantics negation polar opposition scalar adjective comparative degree semantics interval scale antonymy Date submitted: 2016 07 01 Item: DRiZGI0Y File: Zhang_Ling_Little_WCCFL34.pdf File: info.txt
Author(s): Zhang, Linmin and Jia Ling Title: Comparatives Revisited: Downward-Entailing Differentials Do Not Threaten Encapsulation Theories Keywords: comparatives, comparative morphemes, "than", than-clause-internal quantifiers, intervals, scalar adjectives, interval arithmetic Date submitted: 2015 12 05 Item: TdlMjFhY File: Zhang_Ling_2015_Comparatives_AC2015.pdf File: info.txt
Date submitted: 2016 10 14 Author(s): McKenzie, Andrew Keywords: switch-reference, situation semantics, Kiowa Title: Austinian topic situations and switch-reference Item: zliMGYxM File: McKenzie-situations-SR.pdf File: info.txt
Date submitted: 2016 10 12 Author(s): Harris, Daniel W. Keywords: imperatives, speech acts, Grice, semantics, pragmatics, intentions, free choice, ross's paradox, imperative inference Title: An Intention-Based Semantics for Imperatives Item: jk5YTEwN File: DanielHarris-Imperatives.pdf File: info.txt
Date submitted: 2015 10 26 Author(s): Kuhn, Jeremy and Valentina Aristodemo Keywords: pluractionality, iconicity, scope, sign language Title: Pluractionality, iconicity, and scope in French Sign Language Item: mQ4OWMyO File: kuhn-aristodemo-pluractionality.pdf File: info.txt
Author(s): Mendia, Jon Ander Title: Reasoning with Partial Orders: Restrictions on Ignorance Inferences of Superlative Modifiers Keywords: ignorance inferences, implicatures, superlative modifiers, experimental pragmatics Date submitted: 2016 10 12 Item: zYyOGRiY File: mendia-SALT26.pdf File: info.txt
Author(s): MERGHATI KHOEI, Seyed Vahid Title: Approaches to pragmatic knowledge mediation Keywords: Pragmatic Competence Pragmatic Teachability Pragmatic Knowledge Mediation Date submitted: 2016 10 10 Item: jlhNTUzM File: merghati111 File: info.txt
Author(s): Lauer, Sven Title: On the status of `Maximize Presupposition' Keywords: maximize presupposition, antipresupposition, presuppositional implicature, implicated presupposition, implicature, felicity Date submitted: 2016 10 08 Item: DVkNWQxM File: Lauer-SALT26-maximize-presupposition.pdf File: info.txt
Author(s): Bade, Nadine, Polina Berezovskaya, and Anthea Schoeller Title: Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 20 Keywords: SUB20 Date submitted: 2016 10 05 Item: GRmOGQ4N File: BOOKLET_SuB_20.pdf File: SeparateArticles File: SUB20html4.html File: info.txt

February 27, 2018

Author(s): Barker, Chris Title: Scopability and Sluicing Date submitted: 2012 07 17 Item: jUwMmUyO File: barker-sluicing-preprint.pdf File: info.txt

February 24, 2018

Author(s): Zhang, Linmin Title: Enough, too, and causal dependence Keywords: semantics enough too causal dependence necessarysufficient causes infinitives implicatives Date submitted: 2018 02 24 Item: ThkNWM3M File: LinminZhang_2018_SuB22.pdf File: info.txt

February 23, 2018

Author(s): Marsili, Neri Title: Truth and assertion: rules vs aims Keywords: assertion, truth Date submitted: 2018 02 22 Item: WRiZThkN File: truthandassertion.pdf File: info.txt
Author(s): Ninan, Dilip Title: Names in Fiction Keywords: proper names fiction fictional names imagination existence attitude ascriptions Date submitted: 2018 02 22 Item: zMyZGQ4M File: NinanNamesFiction.pdf File: info.txt

February 22, 2018

Author(s): Crone, Phil Title: Redundancy and Awareness in Discourse Date submitted: 2018 02 21 Item: zAzYTA3M File: Redundancy-Awareness-Dissertation.pdf File: info.txt

February 17, 2018

Date submitted: 2015 12 16 Author(s): Pearson, Hazel Title: Counterfactual de se Keywords: De se de re counterfactual attitudes control indexical shift Item: jI4YTNkM File: Counterfactual de se 2018 Early access.pdf File: info.txt
Author(s): Kuhn, Jeremy Title: Pluractionality and dependent indefinites Keywords: pluractionality, dependent indefinites, distributivity, event semantics, samedifferent Date submitted: 2018 02 16 Item: zllOGI4M File: kuhn-pluractionality.pdf File: info.txt

February 16, 2018

Date submitted: 2017 03 30 Author(s): Verheyen, Steven and Egré, Paul Keywords: vagueness, conceptual space, gradable adjectives, antonyms, prototypes, categorization Title: Typicality and graded membership in dimensional adjectives Item: zI5NDE0N File: verheyen_egre_dimensionaladjectives.pdf File: info.txt
Author(s): Dudley, Rachel and Meredith Rowe and Valentine Hacquard and Jeffrey Lidz Title: Acquiring the factivity of "know" Date submitted: 2018 02 15 Item: DYyZGIwN File: acquiring-factivity.pdf File: info.txt

February 14, 2018

Author(s): Winterstein, Grégoire Title: A Bayesian approach to Argumentation within Language Keywords: Argumentation, Bayesian approach, Probability, Discourse connectives Date submitted: 2018 02 13 Item: mFkZGM0N File: WintersteingG-Argumentation.pdf File: info.txt