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A Volkswagen Alap poszt-doktori és egyéb ösztöndíjakat kínál a bölcsészettudományok művelőinek. Funding initiative " Pro Geisteswissenschaften" The joint initiative "Pro Geisteswissenschaften" was established by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation, in cooperation with the Zeit-Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius and the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. "Pro Geisteswissenschaften" offers three possibilities of funding: Dilthey-Fellowships Up to ten fellowships per year are awarded to excellent researchers. Outstanding young post-doctorate scholars are able to work on projects that open up new areas of research in the humanities. The duration is five years with the possibility of extension (up to five years) and the budget covers staff appropriations and financial means concerning the individual project. A prerequisite for eligibility is that research work is embedded in a German university or research institute. The awarding of the PhD should not be dated back longer than 5 years. Besides research activities the fellow should take part in teaching. Deadline is 31. August 2005. "Opus Magnum" Exceptional scholars who have made an outstanding contribution to research can obtain sabbatical leave of between six months and two years to work on an expansive scholarly publication. Up to ten outstanding researchers are funded per year. The deadline is 30. September 2005. "Supporting Events: Humanities and the Public" The aim of this scheme is to fund events which promote the meaning and standing of the humanities to the public at large. Applications are possible for thematic workshops, events and bigger conferences. Application is possible at any time. Further Informations: Contact person: Professor Dr. Axel Horstmann Tel.:+49 511 8381-214 Fax: +49 511 8381-344 Email: Contact at KoWi: Victoria Reichl email: Uwe David email: