The Impact of Categories: 60 Years of Category Theory in Historical and Philosophical Retrospect

A Párizsi École Normale Superieure matematikatörténeti és -filozófiai konferenciát rendez, melynek fókuszában a kategóriaelmélet áll. This workshop aims to reinforce that effort by focussing on the development of a body of work crucial to an understanding of the overall patterns of growth and conceptual unification of mathematical knowledge in the last 60 years, namely category theory. The workshop will present philosophical reflections on the history of category theory since its official birth in 1945; on the prehistory of category-theoretic ideas prior to that and on the contribution which awareness of the central notions of category theory can bring to the re-examination of earlier episodes in the history of mathematics; and on the likely contribution of category theory to the shape and direction of mathematical research in the near future. We believe that category theory will prove at least as important for 21st Century philosophy as analytic geometry was for Descartes in the 17th century, or set theory for much of the Analytic philosophy of the 20th century and that it provides contributions both in technical machinery and overall conceptual orientation every bit as significant for the future relationship of mathematics and philosophy. We hope that our workshop will further the ambitious task of making those contributions and that relationship as explicit as possible. Amongst the contibutors to the workshop will be some of those whose work has been central to the development of category theory. The workshop is dedicated to the memory of Saunders MacLane (1909-2005) who died on April 14 2005, whose joint work of the 1940s with the late Samuel Eilenberg marked the emergence of category theory as an independent area of mathematical research. További információk a konferencia honlapján.