Hofer-Szabó Gábor: Bell inequalities from separate common causes?

A Philosophy of Science Colloquium következő előadása 2006. február 20-án, hétfőn 16 órakor lesz. Az előadó Hofer-Szabó Gábor, az angol nyelvű előadás címe: Bell inequalities from separate common causes? A helyszín: Pázmány P. sétány 1/C, I. emelet, 1.817 terem.
Az előadás absztraktja a következő:
Standard derivations of the Bell inequalities assume a common common cause system that is a common screener-off for all correlations and some additional assumptions concerning locality and no-conspiracy. In a recent paper (Graßhoff et al., 2005) Bell inequalities have been derived via separate common causes assuming perfect correlation between the events. In the paper it will be shown that this separate-common-cause-model implies a common common cause system and hence it does not regard as a genuine separate-common-cause-type derivation. However, assuming non-perfectly correlating pairs of events a genuine separate-common-cause-type derivation of the Bell inequalities can be given. Moreover, this derivation renders Szabó’s (2000) conjecture concerning the non-existence of a local, non-conspiratorial, separate-common-cause-model for the EPR, experimentally testable.

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