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Plato's Myths

Szerző: Hardi János
Létrehozva: 2005-04-11 14:38
Organized by Pasts, Inc., Center for Historical Studies, CEU Friday, 22 April 17:30-19:30 Session One 17:30 Welcome 17:30-18:40 David Sedley (University of Cambridge): 'Myth, Punishment and Politics in the Gorgias' 18:45-19:30 Feedback on the papers of the contributors who could not attend the conference. The papers will be circulated prior to conference. Dr Partenie will record all comments and send them to the authors. Michael Inwood (University of Oxford): 'Plato's Eschatological Myths' John Ferrari (University of California at Berkeley): 'The Myth of Er' Charles Kahn (University of Pennsylvania): 'The Myth of the Statesman' 19:30 Reception Saturday, 23 April 10:00-12:30 Session Two 10:00-11:10 Malcolm Schofield (University of Cambridge): 'Plato's Noble Lie' 11:20-12:30 Catalin Partenie (University of Quebec at Montreal): 'Plato's Cave' 12:30-14:30 Lunch Break 14:30-17:00 Session Three 14:30-15:40 Christopher Rowe (University of Durham): 'The Charioteer and His Horses: One Platonic Myth in Its Context' 15:50-17:00 Richard Stalley (University of Glasgow): 'Myth and Eschatology in the Laws' Sunday, 24 April 9:30-12:00 Session Four 9:30-10:40 John Dillon (University College, Dublin): 'Heraclides of Pontus and the Later Development of Platonist Mythology: Some Speculations' 10:50-12:00 Elizabeth McGrath (Warburg Institute, University of London): 'The Renaissance Iconography of Platonic Myths' 12:00 Conclusion of Conference

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