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Putnam kurzus

Szerző: Gyenis Balázs
Létrehozva: 2005-05-05 04:06
The CEU Philosophy Department cordially invites you to a short course by Ruth Anna Putnam (Professor Emerita of Philosophy, Wellesley College) and Hilary Putnam (Professor Emeritus, Harvard University) on "Pragmatism" Monday, 9. May, Popper room 4.00-4.50 Why study Pragmatism? (Ruth Anna Putnam) 4.50-5.40 Pragmatism and Scientific method, fallibilism and anti-skepticism (Hilary Putnam) Wednesday, 11. May, Popper room 4.00-4.50 Fact and Value (Ruth Anna Putnam) 4.50-5.40 Truth and warranted assertibility (Hilary Putnam) Friday, 13. May, Auditorium 4.00-4.50 Pragmatism and Social Change (James and Dewey) (Ruth Anna Putnam) 4.50-5.40 (conclusion): Pragmatism and More Recent Philosophy (Hilary Putnam) Hilary Putnam also gives a public lecture on "Is Analitycal Philosophy a Good Thing?" Tuesday, 10. May, 6.00 PM, Auditorium

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