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The representational base of consciousness

Szerző: Hardi János
Létrehozva: 2005-05-02 08:20
Professzor Andrew Brook (Institute of Cognitive Science, Carleton University, Ottawa) tart előadást e címmel. 3 May, Tuesday, 2005, 5 PM Central European University, Zrínyi utca 14, room 412. ABSTRACT: Everyone agrees, no matter what else they think about con­sciousness, that it has a representational base. However, there have been relatively few worked-out attempts to say what this base might be like. The two best developed are perhaps the higher-order thought (HOT) model of David Rosenthal and the transparency approach of Fred Dretske and others. As we will show, both face serious problems. Our alternative to these models starts from the notion of a self-presenting representation, a representation that presents not only what it is about (if it is about anything; not all representations have an object) but also itself to the representing subject. További információk a Budapest Mind Society honlapján.

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